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Import & Export of Wildlife

Sourcing & Quarantine


Game, Carnivores & Zoo Animals

Based in South Africa


Impex wildlife developed as a specialist in giraffe export,however have since begining some years ago also breeched out into the export and quarantining of all plains game and carnivores,sourced from our own farms as well as those of specialist genetic species breeders throughout Southern Africa. Boasting a world class quarantine facility we can take care of any clients needs,from large to small orders.All of the work done at Impex wildlife is that of a highly professional standard,and the utmost care taken as to the well being of the animals,it is for this reason that all our exports are accompanied by highly trained animal grooms,and veterinary specialist if needed.

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  • Sourcing of game, carnivores & zoo animals
  • Quarantine facilities for variety of species
  • Translocation of game, carnivores & zoo animals
  • Assist with the re-export of imported birds as well as reptiles and primates

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